Your contribution (EN)

You can contribute to the creation of a place where Capoeira Angola’s great tradition, afro-brazilian culture, resistence, music and histories can continue through Mestre Rogerio.

The 1st step – laying the building’s foundation – has been taken with the help of many hands and the investment of R$ 30.000 (€ 10.000). Now another R$ 30.000 (€ 10.000) are needed to continue building the stories. The project’s total costs are estimated to be R$ 100.000 (€ 33.400).

Participate now with a small or large amount and contribute to the planting of the seed.

Every Euro, Real, Dollar, Yen… is an important contribution.

Send it to: Gerhard Borchert | IBAN: DE91 6001 0070 0521 6967 04 | BIC: PBNKDEFF | Postbank

If you contribute more than R$ 50 (in Brazil) or € 50 (in Europe and the USA) your name will appear on a wall in the house unless you inform us with a little note wishing otherwise.

Moreover, every kind of working force is needed. Are you a stonemason, a carpenter or simply available for helping in the construction? Help us build up this place for Capoeira Angola and Mestre Rogerio! Contact: acad-freiburg(at)